The Shores of Sutherland

The coastline of Orkney and the many beaches across our islands are always a pleasure to visit but, dare I say it, a trip across the Pentland Firth also holds many wonderous views.

The cliffs and down below the sands of the beach

Durness is the most north westerly village in the Scottish mainland. As you can see from this picture it is an extremely popular stopping off point on the NC500. This image was taken in September and at the height of the summer the coastal viewpoint is much busier than in this photograph.

Despite it being so busy, few of the NC500 travellers venture onto the beach which is beautiful.

And spectacular.

rugged coastline of Durness with waves crashing on it

Unsurprisingly this beautiful coastline was inhabited by the Neolithic people – our first farmers.

The area suffered greatly during the Clearances when people who had lived on the land since the times of those first farmers were forcibly removed – to make way for sheep. Not everyone cleared went quietly into the night – some did try to resist. Today that resistance, The Durness Riots of 1841, forms part of a walking trail.

So much remains undiscovered about this most spectacular part of Scotland now mostly just a brief stop over point for the many vehicles roaring round the NC500.

Fiona Grahame

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