Sgathaich: The Adventures of Captain Marvel – The Scorpion Strikes.

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With the Halloween festivities over and us all knocking the zombies back under the ground with large shovels let’s return to our normal reviews and once more to the adventures of Captain Marvel.

You may have noticed that the last few times it was hard to find new things to talk about when discussing the series.  It is the usual conclusion to the old cliffhanger, a bit in the middle then lead in to new cliffhanger. But there is something of note this time. Captain Marvel confronts The Scorpion in person for the first time!

So anyway, first we get the explanation of how Betty survives a car crash as her getaway car, despite her being knocked out, keeps going round corners just enough time to get to the bottom of the building so it can collide with another building… rather than just keep going around in a circle and crashing into the wall. Following that is the continuing tale of gangsters who haven’t realized how indestructible the guy who’s repeatedly shown to be is… before he just throws one of them to their death off the top of the building.

Then comes the dumb part. Marvel captures one of the goons who says they could recognize the voice of The Scorpion and never considers he could just lie….

But anyway that leads to Billy going into the cave lair and the goon falling into a death trap. So, dumb people on both sides really.

But as said this is where  Captain Marvel and The Scorpion first meet… meaning in theory he should now be able to identify who The Scorpion is by voice but the serial I don’t think intends to consider that.

Then we get to the cliffhanger which is considerably more dramatic and thrilling than the last one as using the incomplete scorpion (the thing the villain is after not the villain) he starts to melt the cave with Marvel trapped within. We get a ending with our hero having to escape from molten rock.

Outside of the stupidity of believing the goon in the middle bit – this episode was a improvement over the last in terms of story and action. Still going to continue looking into more of these as, well it’s a neat little fun on-going story. Dated yes and still forever going to wonder why they didn’t just use Dr Sivana.

Rating: 👍👍👍

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