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“The fighting has to stop” #Gaza

Around 50 people gathered on the steps of St Magnus Cathedral on Saturday 18th of November to call for an end to the fighting and bombardment of Gaza. The campaigners have been meeting on Saturdays and will again meet on 25th , assembling from 1 to 2pm.

In this short film Mike Robertson interviews some of those taking part in the vigil.

a group o the protestors with placards demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and free Pa

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  1. Steve Sloan said in his article that demonstrations are futile. I think he misses a valuable point: demonstrations and vigils remind the world, the victims and the perpetrators, that people care; they are the visible, audible or silent show of solidarity. In a brutal conflict, it is vital that the message of peace is on show in hope and solidarity.

    • Demonstrations also show the politicians what the people want. Most of those taking part are voters at the next election.

    • Forgive me if I jump in . I didn’t say that demonstrations are futile, I said that they serve to harden the position on both sides .I think we all want the same thing , peace and a cessation of hostilities on both sides.

      My point is that I measure success by whether or not whatever we can do advances the cause of peace . Vilifying one side does not deliver for the other .

      Right now, the Quatari’s are probably doing more than anyone else by being even handed and working behind the scenes .

      At the end of the day it is right minded people on both sides who will bring people to the table . There was a report this morning that said peace campaigners in Israel feel that the international response has hardened their Government’s position and pushed their perspective more the margin .

      If we want peace , and we all do, then that makes my point .

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