“Our work must be guided and shaped by children and young people.”

The views of children and young people will form the basis of the future work of Scotland’s Children’s Commissioner, Nicola Killean.

On Monday 20th November, as part of World Children’s Day, Nicola Killean held two national online assemblies, where children and young people shared their ideas and learned more about their human rights. The assemblies – one for primary and one for secondary – were held with e-Sgoil, an online platform for teaching and learning. Children explored their rights, found out more about the Commissioner’s job and how they can be involved in helping create her four-year plan.   

Commissioner Nicola Killean said:

Image © Stewart Attwood Photography 2023.

“Our work must be guided and shaped by children and young people. I never forget that they are my boss, and with one million children in Scotland, that’s a lot of bosses! 

“One of the first things I must do as Commissioner is tell the Scottish Parliament what I will be working on for the next four years, and how I’ll be doing that work. 

“Part of my job as Commissioner is to involve children and young people in my work and I’m asking for their help right now in creating my new plan. I want to find out about the issues that matter to them and how my office should work for them. 

“Today’s assemblies were a fantastic way to start and whatever children say, I will be listening.  

“Over the next couple of months, we will be travelling across Scotland to work with children and young people face-to-face, paying particular attention to groups whose rights are most at risk. 

“I’m so excited to hear what children in Scotland have to say.” 

It was the first in a series of opportunities to come together to explore rights online with the Commissioner. Children and young people can also take part in shaping the plan in person in schools and other settings across Scotland.  

The Commissioner and her team will be gathering children’s views via an online survey and by delivering in-person sessions between now and January 2024 to inform the Strategic Plan. 

A resource pack to support adults help groups of children and young people take part in shaping the Commissioner’s plan. The pack includes videos, activities and presentations to help children consider the six questions the Commissioner is asking.  

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