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Places I have been:- Ouagadougou

the city scape of Ouagadougou with lots of high rise block type buildings

Sometime ago I travelled to Burkina Faso for work. This is a description of what happened and how I saw the trip. It has some humour is has some observations about the country or more specifically the Capital Ouagadougou. Things almost certainly will have changed since then, some for the better some for the worse, the country is now influenced by the Wagner Group.

To Cluster or not to cluster ….

an old picture of a nanny with a child in a pram

“Perhaps that is a function of being super rich, they  can feel superior to the rest of us . It is  a kind of “ nanny knows best “ approach which politically is translated  at the, moment, into “Tories  know best.” To my mind at least , that is an unfounded assumption .”…

Words Matter

a giant eye with the word Viewpoint at the top

The BBC’s ineptitude in dealing with “Lineker Gate” demonstrates the lack of authority and independence that illustrate a fall from grace that has been palpable this last few years