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More News From Kilmartin Museum

On the left is a photograph of a Beaker pot from Upper Largie as it appears today in the Museum’s nationally significant Prehistoric Collection. A three-dimensional digital reconstruction showing how this pot appeared over five thousand years ago is on the right

Thinking Foxy Thoughts

“There aren’t any foxes in Orkney.  I’ve wondered why, and thought it’s probably because they didn’t get here after the Ice Age – the waters rose, and that was that.  Like there aren’t any snakes in Ireland – one of those things. “

Thumbs Up To The OAS!

The AGM is on Thursday the 26th of May  at 7pm and the projected time for the following talk by Martin Carruthers – ‘People of the Broch: Excavating an Iron Age Community at The Cairns, South Ronaldsay’ – is 7.30pm.