Coming Up to Samhain

By Bernie Bell

On the evening of Thursday the 28th October the sea and sky of the Bay of Hinderayre turned pink – not bright pink but a deep, strong pink.

I remembered someone telling me a tale of sitting in Wideford Cairn as the sun set, and the interior was suffused with pink light.  Wideford is just across the Bay from us………. and I wondered.

I wondered about light in the cairns.  Not just the shafts of sunrise and sunset at solstice and equinox, but also a more gently suffused moonlight or sunlight. I pictured sitting in Wideford in the light which I could see in and over the Bay on that evening.

Also thinking of the time that’s in it – coming up to Samhain, All Hallows’ Eve.  The shifting time, when time and life – shift and turn as the year moves on.

Pink light, like Rose Quartz, in Wideford Cairn.  Imagine it – being bathed in the light of Rose Quartz. Imagine.

Imagine swimming in that pink sea – maybe someone did.

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