Thumbs Up To The OAS!

By Bernie Bell

I was pleased to see that the Orkney Archaeology Society is holding its Annual General Meeting by Zoom – not following the trend to pretend that Covid has gone away – which it most certainly has not.

The AGM is on Thursday the 26th of May  at 7pm and the projected time for the following talk by Martin Carruthers – ‘People of the Broch: Excavating an Iron Age Community at The Cairns, South Ronaldsay’ – is 7.30pm. All are welcome – no need to be a member of OAS. And…….IT’S FREE!!!

To attend you need book a ticket via eventbrite on this link…..

It then occurred to me that by doing this the OAS will lose a fundraising opportunity.  There is no charge for the ‘live’ OAS talks, but donations are very much appreciated.  Also – this is Orkney – so they always have a raffle!

By being good guys, they could be losing out on income – which is very much needed.  So, Mike and I decided to donate anyway, and here I am with my begging bowl, asking readers of The Orkney News if they would like to donate to OAS to help archaeology, and support the good guys!

It was good to see an example of an organization being sensible and considerate – though one of the things we’ve missed over the last two years is the OAS talks. We’d get into town early, have a quick meal at the Chinese restaurant on Junction Road, and go on to the OAS talk.  Maybe……one day….’appen we will again – and I’ll write about it for TON!

Here’s one I made earlier….

In fact, I think that was the last one we went to before Covid hit.  Another hole in the fabric of our lives…..

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