Valentine’s Day: Ah’ve Got Mine

Ah cannae dance like Fred Astaire

Or shoot like Randolph Scott;

Ah cannae wave ma curly hair

Cause Ah’ve no got a lot.


Ah cannae paint as good as Gogh

Or write like Brothers Grimm;

Ah cannae dive in Lochend Loch

Because Ah cannae swim.


Ah cannae rin like Steve Ovett

Or drive like Stirling Moss;

Ah’m no the macho man ye’d get

Whae likes tae be the boss.


But Ah’m content wi mairrit life

An what’s still left tae be,

Ah couldnae hae a better wife

Than Margie’s been tae me.


So bugger stars an motor cars

An athletes whae can run;

Or aeronauts whae bypass Mars

An Randolph wi his gun.


Tae Hell wi Rembrandt an Manet

The Windsors’ royal line;

Tae Hell wi Tenants ev’ry day

For Margie . Ah’ve got mine.


Ah think o ye aw through the day

An dream o ye at nicht,

An Margie Ah can truthful say

Ye’ve been ma guiding licht.

Author: Christie H. Grahame from Poems of Love & Loss 


Poems of Love & Loss

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