Love Poems

This week we are sharing two more of Paul Colvin Scottish Poet‘s poems, this time with an acknowledgement of Valentine’s Day.

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No Rehearsal.

What started out as friendship

has blossomed into love,

But still your parents think of me

as just a passing friend,

I’m sure they understand your plight

and what you’re guilty of,

But if guilt can make you feel this great,

I hope it never ends.

I know we have our frailties

I know we make mistakes,

But by mistakes we learn of life

and put our wrongs to right.

This is no rehearsal

our lives are just one take,

So lead me to your darkest thoughts

and let me see the light.

Paul Colvin

3rd March 2010

Is This You?

The warmth of a lingering smile

With loving in her eyes,

And a gentle voice with softest tones

Should come as no surprise

She stands there looking beautiful,

It’s not that hard to do

As my reflection, I can see,

Within those eyes of blue.

For one so young, a tenderness,

Shines the whole day through,

Lighting up a dreary day

As only she can do,

Caring words caress the mind

Like an angel soothes the soul,

She’s centre stage, within a play,

In this, her starring role.

They say that beauty’s in the eye

Of the one who’s looking on,

I see a face cleansed from the morning dew

Of April’s freshest dawn,

Like petals from the blushing rose

Pale pastels are her cheeks,

The perfect shade of innocence,

Every woman seeks.

Her golden hair,

tipped sunlit,

Adorns a pretty face

And in her mind is devilment,

Side by side with grace,

Yet eyes defy this devilment

That lurks within her mind,

A joking past is with her still,

May it never be confined.

With years belying younger looks

She’s always in control,

Searching for a troubled mind

To comfort and console,

A young girl who’s a woman,

Not afraid to let it show

She’s old enough to wonder still

Yet young enough to know.

Paul Colvin.

21st October 2012

Paul Colvin Scottish Poet.

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