Poetry Corner: Sands of Hope

(The sands of Torre del Greco, Campania)

A thousand oars crash down as one

From first light till day is done

Each stroke beat by the pounding drum

Each drum beat drowned by constant hum

A whip on hand to tame the brave

For an open sea’s the rebel’s grave

But still they come with wind filled sails

Some shredded from the storms and gales

The smell of death ‘mongst living drones

Waft out from ‘neath the old ship’s bones

These brokenhearted ruins lie

Beneath a battered crimson sky

The sands so black scream out to us

These sands from Hell, The Devil’s puss

A graveyard from a distant past

Lie shattered hulls and broken masts

They sailed in hope from distant lands

They sailed to settle on these sands.


8th April 2012

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