Poetry Corner: We’ll Meet Again Don’t Know Where Don’t Know When

by Christie Grahame

The flower that bloomed

Within my heart;

Came from no mav’rick

Seedling upstart.

But from a cutting sharp as a dart

Targetted to pierce

And love impart.


Straight as the arrow

The cutting flew;

Quick as the lightning

Rooted it grew

Blossomed and seeded

Welding we two

In union so binding

Priv’leged to few.


For fifty-nine years

Welding had grown,

Strong as the seedlings

Loving re-sewn,

Now with the parting

Left on my own;

Till one day we’re meeting

Somewhere unkown.

Christie Grahame‘s poems can be read in  Poems of Love & Loss by Christie Grahame

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