Sgathaich: Megaman Legends 3

Today I bring you the review of Megaman Legends 3, it took a lot to find this, I had to go all the way into Capcom’s secret underwater volcano base, IN SPACE! The game picks up where the second one ended:  Megaman is stuck on the moon, and now after years he’s fed up of it, Superman leaps into the sky towards the earth and on the way defeats an alien armada that showed up for some reason.

Upon landing back on the planet you discover the classic Megaman villain Dr Wily has returned and resurrected classic villains from the X, Zero and ZX eras. Megaman must unite the magic rings to open a portal to Wily’s time castle which is exactly the size of Wales.

Of course getting them is easier said than done, the game offers no tutorials. Just like the original games you need to master perfect aim and dodging right away and as you progress gaining the weapons of Megamen past to fight Dr Wily’s evil robot ninja army. Let me tell you the first time you fire a charged buster shot into a ninja warlord’s exposed chest heart it feels wonderful.

My favourite moment of the game was half way through the fight with Ryu from street fighter. There is a large explosion. As you find  Ryu’s beaten form you see a figure emerging from the smoke, then come the words that put a huge smile on my face:

“Ware wa meshia nari!” and  Omega Zero emerges.

What followed was a truly amazing recreation of the fight from Megaman zero 3 but in 3 dimensions. It was a truly epic final battle, on top of a space station that was exploding while crashing into the planet and being rewarded with the Z sabre for winning. It did trivialize the climactic giant robot fight with Wily  but then if you can beat Omega Zero, Wily’s planet buster robot isn’t that hard.

Rating: lance lance  lance lance lance lance  lance

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