Reader’s Request for more Information from OIC Candidates

The Orkney News has had a request from a reader for more information about candidates standing in May’s elections to Orkney Islands Council. Their request was specifically to hear more from North Isles candidates.

The Orkney News is very willing to publish the views of those putting themselves forward as potential councillors. Those that stand for election should be commended for stepping up to the plate at such an important time for Orkney. Brexit will have a huge impact on our islands and the council’s relationship with the Scottish Government will be crucial in how we respond to the Islands Bill and the new powers coming to Orkney. There is also the potential for another Scottish Independence Referendum in less than 2 years time.

The new councillors will have extremely important decisions to take in order to help the economy of Orkney to thrive in these times of great change. Any candidates who wish to express their views so that voters can make an informed choice can send their contributions into The Orkney News contact:

Three candidates have already done so. Contributions should be no more than 500 words. They will not be edited (unless they exceed the word limit) or changed. The content is entirely up to the contributor. If a photograph is included it will also be published.

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  1. This is a very good idea. It’s up to the candidates whether they do so or not – but it’s a very good idea and I’ll read what is sent with great interest.

    • well that is all we can do at The Orkney News – give them the space to explain why they are standing and what they see as important and how they would deal with it

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