Andrew Appleby: A Wild Thing a Day 3

The other day I was presented with a buck hare. The liver looked at me and said ‘pate.’ Sliced and gently fried with butter and the wee kidneys its began to firm up. The shredded wild garlic from by my compost heap wilted in the pan too.

You know those little gadgets with a windy handle that you can mince down parsley. Well, I found ours and employed it to mill the cooked liver mix. Placing the even paste into a stoneware bowl, it was left to rest.

On an bere meal biscuit this rich comestible tasted of the essence of Orkney wilds.

I don’t hunt game myself, but am always glad of a gift from nature.

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  1. I mentioned Mike’s Dad’s dandelion row – maybe it’s in his genes. Mike cultivates his veg. patch with ‘tame’ veg, but also likes to eat the wild things which grow there. His favourites are:- Hairy Bittercress – neither hairy, not bitter. A tiny member of the cabbage family with a peppery taste – very like watercress. He likes it raw, in a sandwich with roast chicken or cheese. And Chickweed – best eaten young as it gets a bit stringy when old. Tastes like nothing else but Chickweed. Rinse and cook like spinach, with a bit of butter and a good handful of chopped chives. He likes to eat it with salmon.
    And me? My take on eating wild? To quote Samuel L. Jackson in ‘Pulp Fiction’ – “Sewer rat might taste like pumpkin pie, but I’ll never know, ’cause I wouldn’t eat the ********”

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