John Finnie: Scrap the 2 Child Benefits Cap

Local MSP John Finnie, Scottish Greens has responded to the comments made yesterday, Thursday 13th of April, by Ruth Davidson, Scottish Conservative and leader of the opposition in the Scottish Parliament.

John Finnie said:

“The Scottish Tories heartless response to the implementation of the child tax credits rape clause demonstrates an outrageous disregard for those women affected by this callous policy.”

“No woman who has been the victim of rape should be required to prove so in order to access social security payments.”

“Ruth Davidson’s claim that the Scottish Parliament could mitigate these policies by introducing a new social security payment in Scotland is astonishing and much like the comment that this policy is being implemented “in the most sensitive way possible” belies the fact that it is staggeringly unfair and insensitive policy in the first place.”

“The Scottish Conservatives stance shows that they are nothing but apologists for the brutal acts of the UK Government.”

“I once again call on the UK Government to scrap this outrageous policy immediately.”

John Finnie lodged the following motion in the Scottish Parliament recently: Motion Number: S5M-05030 Lodged By: John Finnie Date Lodged: 03/04/2017

Title: Scottish Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis Scotland Refuse to Support the So-called Rape Clause

Motion Text:

That the Parliament welcomes the announcement by Scottish Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis Scotland that they will not co-operate with the UK Government’s so-called Rape Clause in relation to child tax credits; understands that the policy will cap child tax credit entitlement for families at two children, unless they can prove, with third-party certification, that any subsequent children were as a result of rape; further understands that this policy, which is due to be implemented on 6 April 2017, has no third sector supporters in Scotland; agrees with the Scottish Government’s Minister for Social Security that the policy is a “fundamental violation of human rights”, and calls on the UK Government to reverse it at once.

Ruth Davidson has faced severe criticism over her support of the rape clause which is part of the new 2 child cap on benefits. Any woman who wishes to claim benefits for more than two children will only be able to do so if that child/children was/were conceived as a result of rape or of being in a coercive controlling relationship where she had no choice in the conception.

Petition to Scrap the Rape Clause & Family Cap on Benefits

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. Fiona, well said – again. Could you post a link to the petition website please?

  2. This 2 child benefit is outrageous and the rape clause is purely disgusting. How filling a questionnaire and proving you were raped is dealt sensitively? On what level is this right? a rape is a traumatic event and why would you want to re-live it by filling a form? I’ve signed the petition as I don’t think it’s right at all. It’s like going back to 1800.

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