Challenging False Tory Fishing Promises

Local MSP Maree Todd, SNP has hit out at the Tories saying their false promises on the future of fishing in Scotland have been sunk by their only Scottish MP, David Mundell.

The SNP has today highlighted comments from David Mundell who previously warned fishermen and voters that “the idea we would go back to a position where we were entirely in control of our own fishing is not one that is realistic”.

And that “the fishermen are wrong” over Brexit and “there is no way we would go back to Scotland or Britain controlling British waters.”

His comments are backed up by Theresa May’s plans for Brexit, where the Tories say:

Given the heavy reliance on UK waters of the EU fishing industry and the importance of EU waters to the UK, it is in both our interests to reach a mutually beneficial deal that works for the UK and the EU’s fishing communities.”

Theresa May previously warned that Brexit negotiations wouldn’t make EU fishermen any poorer.

In addition leaked priorities for the Brexit negotiations described fishing as a “low priority” for the UK Government.

Commenting, SNP MSP Maree Todd said:


Maree Todd MSP, SNP

“David Mundell has sunk the Tories efforts to hide the truth from Scotland’s fishing communities.


“The SNP is the only party that will always stand up for Scotland’s fishing industry – unlike the Tories, who infamously and shamefully described our fishing fleets as ‘expendable’.”

“And with fishing described as a low priority in the Brexit talks, it is clear the Tories are preparing to sell out the industry again.”

“Scotland’s fishing communities will always be a priority for the SNP.”

“At this election a vote for the SNP will send a warning to the Tories that they will not get away with selling out Scotland’s fishing communities for a second time.”



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