Stuart Hill: SHetland, ORkney Sovereignty

Stuart Hill is standing as an Independent candidate for the Orkney & Shetland constituency in  #GE17

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Stuart Hill Independent candidate for Orkney & Shetland

It’s been a bit frantic, but I expect the other candidates are feeling the pressure just as much. The short timescale puts us all an a more even footing. I’m looking forward to the campaign and think I have an excellent opportunity to make a major upset. I am the only candidate with policy proposals that can be guaranteed.

There are 650 seats in the UK parliament. Rather than voting for a candidate with a 1 in 650 chance of even getting something considered and then being voted down by the rest, in Orkney and Shetland we are voting for our the restoration of our sovereignty and won’t have to ask anyone for permission to do the things we want. We will no longer have to go cap in hand asking – we can make our own decisions.

The fisheries will come off the Brexit negotiating table because they are not the UK’s to bargain with. We can decide our own agricultural policy and look after our farmers and crofters. We can forget austerity and look forward to keeping our schools open, free ferries and whatever else we decide.

Any negotiations will start from the standpoint that we own the land, we own the seas and we own the seabed.

Alistair Carmichael is spending a small fortune telling us to vote for him to keep out the SNP – he’s looking the wrong way. The SNP’s Danus Skene came close to beating him when he was a wounded beast, but their vote collapsed when Danus stood against the easier target of Tavish Scott.

The SNP have parachuted in a Shetland lass from her Westminster job. She would have been better off continuing to chase the bright lights in London.

As for the Tories and UKIP – not much to say really.

None of them has the answer to SHORS – SHetland, ORkney Sovereignty.

General Election 2017: Orkney and Shetland Candidates

Labour: Robina Barton
SNP: Miriam Brett
Liberal Democrats: Alistair Carmichael
Independent: Stuart Hill
Conservative: Halcro Johnston
UKIP: Robert Smith


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