Candidate Stuart Hill Campaigns with Skype

The problems of being able to reach the communities of Orkney & Shetland in a short election campaign have been partly overcome by Stuart Hill, Independent, by his use of Skype.

After confirming his candidacy in Kirkwall, Stuart Hill started his campaign with a few days in Orkney.

He said:

Stuart Hill larger photo

Stuart Hill Independent candidate for Orkney & Shetland

“I need to get to know Orkney folk a bit better.I’ve had an excellent reception in Kirkwall and took the opportunity to get out and speak to some farmers as well. The most common comment I’ve had is “I wasn’t going to vote, but…” I’ve found young folk and those in council housing particularly receptive and think that my success will be built on getting out those who do not normally vote. I hope that my radical approach will raise the Viking blood”.

Last night, at a public meeting in Lerwick, he incorporated a Skype call.

He said:

“It is impossible for me to get out to all the islands, let alone reach those working away, but Skype allows me to do that. It lets those people join in the meeting from a distance. On this evening’s call we even had a caller from America. This campaign is arousing interest from across the world. What we do here will ripple out to the world”.

An article in The New York Times and a Belgian film crew will be following his campaign next week.

Stuart added:

“It will come as a shock to many when we remove our agriculture and fisheries from the risk of being used as bargaining chips on the Brexit negotiating table”.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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