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As this weeks recipe is a curry, I have decided to put up a poem written by my daughter when she was just 9, Curry, a personal endorsement for Helen’s Home Cooking 



Curry, dear curry,

I love you a lot.

Curry, dear curry,

You’re slurpy and hot.

Curry, dear curry,

Your chicken’s my best,

I love you dear curry,

You’re covered in sauce.

Curry, oh curry,

You’re my favourite meal.

Curry, oh curry,

I love you a lot,

You’re spicy and hot.

I love you dear curry,

I can’t get enough,

Curry, dear curry,

You’re wonderful stuff!

By Naomi Armet age 9


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  1. Naomi is obviously a young person of great taste and discernment.
    By the by – if you’re ever in Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye – try the ‘Taste of India’ restaurant – it is ……………proper.

    • Going to Invergarry in a couple of weeks, not too sure if we shall make Skye this time around, but thank you for the recommendation. Helen

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