Letters: Why I Won’t Be Voting Lib-Dems

I feel the need to share with you why I won’t be voting for the Lib-Dems any time soon. I used to vote Lib-Dem but in my mind they have lost their way and forgotten that their purpose is to represent and do what’s best for their constituents.

Both in Westminster and Holyrood they have immersed themselves in the politics and lost sight of us, and what is best for us. In Westminster they went into a coalition government with the Tories, who were and remain totally unrepresentative of the Scottish electorate.

In Holyrood they opposed the minimum pricing of alcohol despite clear evidence that such legislation would benefit the health and wellbeing of a vulnerable section of the population. They, as Alistair Carmichael ably demonstrated, have a disregard for the truth and an acceptance that in politics such behaviour is acceptable.

It’s just not good enough and they do not deserve my vote. I will be voting for the SNP who I believe represent the best opportunity for a fairer society in Scotland today.

Dr Dave MacFarlane
Foraness, Sand, Shetland

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