Letters: This is not Indy Ref 2

Dear Orkney News,

A general election has been called by Prime Minister Theresa May for the sole purpose of increasing her majority to make it easier to push through the Brexit deal unscrutinised.  A change of government at this election, short of a miracle, appears very remote.

As the campaign commences it is apparent that both Labour and the Lib Dems, in Scotland, have become “better together” again and plan to fight this election on the constitutional issue.   Can I remind these parties that this is not Indy Ref 2.

It is vital that this election is fought on UK Government issues.  The austerity policies of the current Conservative government have disproportionately affected the most vulnerable in our society.  The cuts in benefits have caused great hardship and anxiety to the unemployed, low income families and the disabled.  In 21st century Britain this is a disgrace but the Conservatives have reached a new low with the Rape Clause on two family tax credits rule.

Social Housing and public services, including the NHS, are also at breaking point due to budget cuts.

Our sad dilemma is that there is no  credible opposition party, at Westminster, capable of defeating the Tories, therefore,  the misery for many people in our communities will continue for years to come.

The SNP is the only party in Westminster who has consistently voted against austerity and the only credible party to vote for in this election.   It also stands for an independent Scotland and the opportunity to create a fairer, more equal society than we have at present, under Westminster rule.


Jessamine Pottinger, Shetland

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