Letters: Austerity is only for the poor

Dear Orkney News

Austerity is only for the poor.

At the height of austerity cuts Westminster still found money to commit to pay for 189 new Conservative peers, £205Bn for Trident, £56bn for HS2 (a fast train from London to Leeds), £370m for Buckingham palace, £5.5bn for upgrading 4 lines on the Tube and £5.7bn for Westminster repairs. In the meantime, the National Debt in April 2010 was £960 Billion. It is now £1.8 Trillion and rising at over £5K per second. No sense of waiting until we can afford it, or saving up first, just shove it on the credit card.

Scotland of course will have to pay their 8% share despite benefiting from none of it.

It is time to stop this nonsense. It is time to get an MP who will have a chance to stand up for Scotland and Shetland, at Westminster. It is time for change. It is time for Miriam Brett. Vote SNP on June 8th.

Angela Sutherland, Shetland

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  1. An excellent letter from Angela but she could gone further by explaining that the 8% contribution is one of the main contributors to the phoney GERS figures (agreed to be largely guesswork and not fact). She could also have added the Cross London sewer, the Cross London water tunnel and of course in the recent past we contributed to the regeneration of the East End of London to accommodate the London Olympics yet not a brass sous to help Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, not a brass sous to help build the Queensferry Crossing, the Borders Railway, duelling the A9, Aberdeen by-pass etc. These were all supported from the Scottish Budget which is just your own taxes, not a hand out.

    In this election it is time that we oldies and let’s face it some of our record does not bear scrutiny and it’s time for a young vibrant, enthusiastic, honest young lady with impeccable integrity and as a born, bred and educated Shetlander to represent us in Westminster. Please vote for Miriam Brett, SNP.

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