Poetry Corner: Scotland Forever: Christie Grahame

A Ten Parter: this History is written in ten chapters of ten verses. Each chapter is, roughly, devoted to a particular time, period or event which, in the writer’s opinion most influenced the character, condition and philosophy of a Scot.

The language is the language of the street, the idiom in which the writer can best truly express his emotions.

This History could be regarded as an impertinence. This would however, be of miniscule proportion when compared with the gigantic humiliations and degradations inflicted on the Scottish people by their arrogant overseers. (Edinburgh January 1st, 1989)

Part I: In the Beginning

As oan its Poles it daily birled

An roon the Sun in orbit curled

The virgin, unsuspecting world

Became the place,

Where God’s Creative Plan unfurled

scotland forever I 2 001

Scotland Forever

The Human Race.


Up frae the swamps o mud an slime

That wis the world in ancient time

He caused a crawlin fish tae climb

Oot oan the lan,

Tae there evolve as beast sublime

An cawed it Man.


But Man, an Ape withoot a tail,

Imprisoned in his earthly jail

Withoot a freend tae share his bail

Could no survive,

An God could see Creation fail

scotland forever I 2 001

Scotland Forever

Tae stey alive.


Hooever, God, no easy beat

Or forced frae kitchen wi the heat,

Tae knuckle doon ab’low defeat

Then racked His brain,

Oan hoo tae make His Man complete

Tae try again.


An God saw, in His plan’s review,

That Man himself wis yin too few

An frae that yin He mun make two

Whae wid entwine,

An tween them then wid  life renew

scotland forever I 1 001

Scotland Forever

Anither time.


Thus, workin tae a simple plan

That Adam, as He cawed the man,

Wis shairly shair tae understand,

He fashioned Eve,

Wi pairts that wid Man’s pleasure fan

An life conceive.


Hooever, Adam, noo content

Tae live the life that God haud meant

When frae his rib His Eve wis rent,

F’und pleasure brief,

For oan the pairt he wis intent

scotland forever I 1 001

Scotland Forever

She’d hung a leaf.


Noo leafs are easy brushed aside

Exposin pairts they’re meant tae hide

But principles, they ayeweys bide

An winnae leave,

Especially when Adam’s bride

Wis yin like Eve.


Thus Adam, first o aw his kind

Wis also first oan Earth tae find,

Nae matter hoo he’d curse an blind

Or cudgels wield,

A woman whae’d made up her mind

Wid never yield.


scotland Forever I 001

Scotland Forever

But God haud seen the serpent rise

Atween the space in Adam’s thighs

An gerred Eve pause an realise

Though she haud won,

Tae gie in no wis council wise

Thus life begun.

Scotland forever front 001

Scotland Forever


Scotland Forever: A History in 10 Parts

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  1. “A woman whae’d made up her mind

    Wid never yield.”

    Some things don’t change. Unfortunately for us, at the present time.

    As an aside – someone I know refers to Theresa May as ‘Maggie May’, which I think is a good one. So now, he’s Clever Trevor.

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