Poetry Corner: Scotland Forever: Christie Grahame

Part II: Crime and Punishment

Weel Adam, Earth’s first Democrat,

The leaf replaced wi Welcome mat

An easy access under that

Could never miss,

An Eve an him could then begat

An f’und it bliss.


scotland Forever I 001

But God’s perception o His scheme,

O aw God’s ploys, the very cream,

Wis no as guid as it wid seem

When tried in life;

For Practice often sows the Theme

Wi seeds o strife.


An strife grew tae a murd’rous heid

As passions, that in faimlies breed,

When fed by jealousy an greed

Explosive flash,

An Cain killed brither Abel deid

In bluidy clash.


crime an punishment 1 001

Scotland Forever

Thus Man, fresh risen frae the mud,

Wis cursed an stained wi Abel’s bluid

That, taintin growth still in the bud,

Reduced his worth,

An God gerred rise an awfu Flood

Tae cleanse the Earth.


In savin best the Earth haud got

And there begat an mair promote

The Lord haud Noah build a boat

Where aw wid bide,

As roond the Earth the Ark wid float

Till floods subside.


crime an punishment 1 001

Scotland Forever

Thus, efter forty days o rain

That covered aw the world again

So’s naethin livin wid remain

An aw wis dark,

God haud submerging waters drain

Frae roond the Ark.


When Noah drove the beasts ashore

The Lord saw they’d begat galore

Like Japhet, Shem an Ham afore

The waters eased,

An wi this chance tae plan restore

Wis very pleased.


crime an punishment 2 001

Scotland Forever

But sadly, though He’d made it plain,

When sendin aw thae days o rain,

He didnae want nae sin again

Tae wreck His plans,

Auld Satan did disciples gain

In idle hans.


Punishment the Flood presages

Differs doon through ither ages.

Diseases, plagues, in aw their stages

An Genocide;

When the wars that mankind wages

Casts God aside.


crime an punishment 2 001

Scotland Forever

Aw through the world frae then till noo

There’s madness in what peoples do

As De’il brews up his evil stew

Eruptin whiles,

An sinners get their merits due

When stewpot biles.

Part I In the Beginning     Scotland Forever: A History in 10 Parts

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Scotland forever front 001

Scotland Forever


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  1. Sometimes I wonder – is there going to be another asteroid strike? And is it all going to begin again? Will whatever survives, make a better job of it? Are we a cosmic experiment? I’m not saying we are! I’m just saying that I do wonder.
    Personally, I hope to see the trees we’ve planted, at least grow to some size. There’s so much good here, but sometimes, I can’t help thinking, we need a good clear-out!
    Just can’t help thinking – that’s my problem!

  2. A poem by friend Marty. He read it out at a poetry group, and I had bad drams for days afterwards. He’s a good poet. A bit bloody miserable, but a good poet!

    The Amazing Mosquito Migration

    We are to the world,
    Silent assassins,
    Crawling over the body,
    Sucking the life blood
    From the land.
    Carrying disease,
    Covering the world in woes.
    Forgetting our place
    Still we seek further
    Victims, we spread
    Our filth to the seas.
    Then we look to the stars,
    We rape the Moon,
    Then travel to Mars.
    Leaving behind our first
    Victim; stone dead,
    Covered in scars.
    Yet, we look on,
    Deep into space.
    Marty Grief

  3. Maybe I should point out that ‘Grief’ is Marty’s surname – that’s not an exclamation at the end of the poem!
    And his name has it’s origin in the French Huguenots who came to Britain, many years ago, escaping religious persecution.
    Well, well, well,
    Plus ca change.

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