Sgathaich: The Devil is a Part Timer

Satan goes to work at Mcdonalds……..

Ok who’s still here?

A little clarification, it’s not the biblical devil –  but the Dark Lord –  Satan – King of Demons from another world called Ente Isla who came fleeing with his demon general Alciel after their army was defeated by the hero Emilia and her JRP party ( well you have a knight, a mage, a healer ect ect so basically yeah). The anime is based on  the light novels written by  Satoshi Wagahara with illustrations by Oniku  and the anime is mostly based on the first 2 books.

The Devil is  Part Timer

The Devil is a Part Timer (Net Sama)

The series starts at where a JRPG would end, the hero and her cohorts are fighting against the Dark Lord Satan in his stronghold. After it’s clear he will lose, Satan opens a portal and flees through it with Alciel following right behind. They then wind up in modern day Japan and in human form (much to their shock, well about the human body they are relatively calm, more about being in a different world). Next up is them getting started and getting their own flat. You do see Satan using his intelligence that previously he used to rule demons and turn it to getting started in this new world which is a good start.

The rest of the first episode shows him starting his working life at MgRonald’s (no that’s not a typo, of course they can’t directly call it Mcdonalds), a few moments about how little money they actually have, going day to day with so little and a bit of his work introducing us to his large bosomed co worker who clearly has a crush on him Chiho Sasaki (well if they will bring attention to I sort of have to).  And finally Sadao Maou (the name satan has taken for himself)  is confronted by the red haired woman he lent an umbrella to earlier reveals herself to be the hero Emilia and tries to kill him (start of the next episode they are picked up by the police thinking they are a couple having a fight).

As said this is adapted from the first 2 light novels and that is quite clear as it is split into 2 arcs that both start with them dealing with life followed by a magical confrontation. It’s a different everyday life thing for each arc, while the first one is more everyday life for the demon king and the hero the second half is the introduction of Maou’s new neighbour Suzuno Kamazuki who goes about in traditional Japanese clothes (kimonos) and Emilia is concerned she is actually an assassin sent by Ente Isla.

Oh and there is the love triangle between Emi Yusa ( the name Emilia took) Maou and Chiho, Emi starts out as much more antagonistic but gets more comfortable round them, though people joke about her stalking him early on (she was thinking they were up to evil things). A humorous note is that the people working on the anime CLEARLY prefered Chiho over Emi (something I disagree with) and the ending theme is a huge indication of this.

I think one of the reasons I like this show is that it has the lead having to live on a low income, and anyone who lives on a budget can relate to that (though it looks like I make more than satan mwha ha ha ha ha ha). It’s a series I hope they make more of (not likely to happen but hey you never know) since the light novel is continuing and the character interactions are rather humorous and not the kind that cause you to cringe. It’s a fun 13 episode anime that as said for those on a low income is worth a check out and if you like it, you can look out for the light novels to continue the story.

Rating : spear spear spear

The Devil is  Part Timer

The Devil is a Part Timer (Net Sama)

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