Letters: Scottish Tories talked how they would protect the fishing industry

Dear Orkney News
May you live in interesting times, and indeed we do after Theresa May called the general election.  There was a tweet that said everybody lost in this election, and that is not far off the mark.
The performance of the Scottish Tories with 13 MPs, 12 new ones, but the Scottish Tories now need to represent Scotland.  There has to be something more to the Scottish Tories than just talking about stopping a Scottish referendum, they have to get on with the day job!  And that day job should include the Scottish Tories getting the same deal for Scotland as the DUP are going to get for N. Ireland, which seems like extra funding and further devolved powers.  There is also the question of Brexit, the Commons Fisheries Policy (CFP) and the Scottish fishing industry, the Scottish Tories talked how they would protect the fishing industry, now the Scottish Tories need to come up with the goods.  The Scottish Tories have to face up to the question of whether they are in Westminster to represent their party or their country.
The curiously illiberal Liberal Democrats, their leader has been chased out, gained seats on a dropped share of the votes across the UK.  Our MP, representing a very pro EU party, has the fishing question to deal with, surely there is something more than stopping a Scottish referendum to the Lib Dems in Scotland.
Jeremy Corbyn, performing against horrendous media vilification, campaigned on policy, unlike the UK Tory campaign which seemed to be going after the man at every opportunity.  While Labour picked up seats across the UK, with a marginal increase of only 20,000 votes in Scotland they picked up 6 new seats, securing third place in Scotland, must have something more to say rather than just stopping a Scottish referendum.
The SNP had a poor night, but still ended up with the biggest share of the votes and the most MPs.  Apparently, it is a surprise that a party set up for independence for Scotland wants independence for Scotland!  The SNP will have to get on with the day job, and promote their case better against the SNP bad brigade like the boost to council housing funds and the publishing of the island proofing bill.
Yours, Brian Nugent , Shetland

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