Music Nights at the Royal Stromness

By Bernie Bell

The Royal music nights started about 7 years ago, with a nucleus of local supporters, who welcomed all and sundry to come along and have a go. This means anyone who would like to sing, play an instrument or recite poetry – any kind of performance – within the bounds of decency and legality!

How the evening goes varies a lot depending on who comes along and what they do – that’s part of the charm of it. We can have anything from Blues to old Irish or Scots songs, with a bit of R.E.M. sometimes for good measure! Though –I suppose its all folk music, when it comes down to it – music from and of the folk.

We get visitors calling by and joining in – the last Friday music night included folk singing from Germany, Scotland, Italy, and …England! A true European Union!

OK, I won’t get political! But I will tell you when the next Royal music nights are going to be, and you can put them in your diary, on your calendar, get a tattoo – whatever acts as a reminder.

music imageDoors open at 8.30pm – hoping to start – when folk are ready to!

Music nights at the Royal, Stromness in the upstairs bar on:

  • Friday 14th July
  • Friday 11th August
  • Friday 8th September.

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  1. I should add……… doesn’t matter if you’re not a performer – the performers need ears to hear their music and words! The audience play their part, too.

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