A trip doon tae some remote places aboot Invergarry.

Today was wet again🌧. Trip advisor (Helen) decided tae take us off the beaten track😨, so first stop was the petrol station in case of map reading irregularities 🤔.

We fuelled up with all sorts of goodies from the very well stocked petrol station in Invergarry. The journey to Kilfinnan was halted for a moment as we stopped to take some pics & video of the “Well of the Seven Heads”.


There is a memorial at the roadside with seven heads, a hand and a dagger holding them.

It is said that Alexander MacDonald (12th of Keppoch) & his brother Ronald were murdered in September 1663 by rivals for the chieftainship. MacDonald of Sleat sent men 2 years later to murder the Seven men responsible. The 7 decapitated heads were washed in the well before presentation to Lord MacDonnell of Glengarnock. The bodies of 7 headless skeletons were were discovered in 9th century to give this story credence. There are steps down the loch side where the well goes under the road. It is quite eerie inside the well, but has to be seen.

We eventually found the turn off for Kilfinnan after a trip advisor blipp😤😲. I would advise you to take care,  this single track road is winding the whole way in and back again as it comes to a abrupt end🚧. The right hand side of the track has got many water features on the way in and on the way back out you have beautiful scenery of the Loch, mountains and trees.

And this…….


We then traveled to another single track road to Mandally. This also has tree lined views and an abrupt end🚧. There was some wildlife here, spotted a red squirrel but was too quick to capture on camera.

19263925_10207679713511154_1145327663_o (1)

Photo K Armet

We then headed for Tomdoun which is another single track road. There are numerous little tracks off of this road, many with warnings to hill walkers to be properly prepared before attempting them, as you are going into a wilderness beautiful but dangerous. This track goes way beyond Tomdoun but we decided to turn back for Invergarry as oor stomachs were needing filled up with Haggis n Neeps we bought fae the butchers in Fort William the day before.


Photo K Armet

This hoos was on the way oot at the junction to main road, fancy one o these meself.

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