The Finstown Ceilidh Stoat: A Tune & A Story

By Fiona DriverĀ 

tale and tune 001

Finstown Ceilidh Stoat

For all musicians out there a tune with a peedie story from local musician and Orkney News reader the very talented Fiona Driver. download hereĀ Tale-and-Tune-1 (2)


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  1. What a great idea – ‘The Orkney News’ had stories, farming matters, poetry corner, travelogs, politics, and now…!
    And Fiona even includes a bit of stoat awareness publicity – much needed.


  2. Ooops – I missed out recipes – ‘The Orkney News’ has recipes, too. Fact is – there’s so much there, I lost track.
    Even stoat awareness- if you see one, report it – please!


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