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Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) – Orkney training opportunity in August

For the second year running, Stromness will host the nationally accredited initial training course in Video Interaction Guidance (VIG). It is spread over four mornings from 5th – 11th of August, avoiding the added expense and disruption of travelling south.

At a recent showing of the film ‘Resilience’ at the Phoenix, which focused on the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences, Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) was one of the helping interventions suggested in the discussion. Over a hundred people attended the event, which was reported in The Orkney News.

 “(VIG) has been such an eye-opener for me…  really felt that I was drowning, and it is not that any more; we’re actually swimming together…! It is brilliant, I have got my little boy back. This works, it really does work”.  

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‘Modeling the attuned interaction between mother and baby which VIG is based on’

This is a quotation from a mother of a 5-year-old boy whose behaviour was becoming an issue both at home and at school. She had just taken part in a short VIG intervention.

The training is appropriate for those who work with families, in either a statutory or voluntary capacity.  VIG is practised throughout education, social work, health and voluntary services, nationally and internationally. It is often used where there are concerns around difficult behaviour, perhaps alongside withdrawal or attention-seeking, as these can be the way a child or young person expresses distress or a need for stronger connections. It is also helpful where an adult’s communication difficulties are compromising effective relationships, for example where there are learning disabilities or dementia.

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is a therapeutic intervention with a growing reputation. It is recommended in several NICE guidelines – for example children on the edge of care, attachment in early years, autism – in the ‘1001 days – conception to birth’ all-party parliamentary commission and in the NSPCC neglect project.

The initial training course is accredited by the Association of Video Interaction Guidance UK, and the trainer Miriam Landor is an AVIGuk national supervisor. She was previously the preschool home visiting teacher in Orkney and now stays in Deerness.

Sunday 6th to Friday 11th: 4 half-days will be taken up in VIG training and practical workshops. Topics covered are:

  • Where did VIG come from?
  • Core principles of attuned interactions
  • The science
  • Analysis of video – practice session
  • Attuning to self
  • Introducing VIG to clients – practice session
  • The shared review
  • Shared review – practice session
  • Practitioners’ voices
  • Next steps in training

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Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)  Residential Initial Training Course (ITC) Stromness, Orkney, Scotland, 5 – 11 August 2017

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