Phil’s Walk for Christine: Monmouth to Llanvihangel Cruorney

Phil Godfrey is planning to walk from the Scillies Isles right on to Shetland. This is in memory of his wife Christine who was diagnosed with APS in 2005 and who passed away in January 2015. Due to injuries sustained early on he is doing this in stages.


Had a very comfortable night at Connie’s. Lovely lady – cooked me fish and chips !!. 8/10

Monmouth poorly signed for OD path, but nice  police lady gave me a map!

Day was very very hot 29 degrees and was long and tiring , no shade.

B&B exellent and meal at the Skirrid pub (oldest in Wales!!)  f&ç  7/10.

Distance  19 miles

support Phil’s Walk for Christine

The Orkney News is following  Phil’s blog here and you can too:


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