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As a dog walker I am always happy to find new walks so I was delighted to discover “Core Paths” which shall hopefully enable us all to easily access all available routes. Over the following weeks The Orkney News shall go walk about and report on our findings whether good or bad. I am lucky enough to already live on an existing walk way found here marked route 50   pdfMap of Kirkwall Footpaths   known locally as the Seatter to Berstane Bridle Path, this is a walk which is good underfoot and gated so dog walkers should feel comfortable enough to allow their four legged friends some freedom of movement, having said that please be aware of hedgerow nesting birds. 

In Scotland under Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 all Local authorities and National Park Authorities were obliged to draw up a network of Pathways giving the public reasonable access in their areas. Core pathways enable people to access their areas pathways with confidence. Pathways are designed with many types of user in mind and must be accessible to people with a disability and may also include some inland waterways.

Here in Orkney the obligation fell upon Orkney Islands Council: A Core Paths Plan for Orkney, must be reviewed on a regular basis and OIC have published their updated draft for the public to preview: Planning Manager Stuart West stated “A formal consultation on this will take place later this year, but in the meantime we would encourage land owners and people who use the paths to look at changes we are proposing and provide us with their initial views, comments and ideas.

Many of suggested changes for the core paths network have come about as a result of discussions with land owners and path users over the years since the plan was first adopted.

If you own land, or use paths, where changes are proposed – please get in touch with us. We hope to get as much feedback as possible, as this will help shape the final version of the Council’s updated core paths plan.”

People are invited to become involved with the consultation period which runs from Monday 10th July until Monday 28th August 2017. You can get in touch by email, by Tele. 01856873535, ext2541 or in writing to  the Access Officer, Development and Marine Planning, Council Offices, Kirkwall KW15 1NY.

You can find The Draft Core Paths plans including maps in paper form at:

Or you can access them in PDF format here:


























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