Quoyloo Stone Models

Iain MacIver

Captain Iain MacIver of Quoyloo Stone Models

Captain Iain MacIver produces superbly crafted models of Orkney buildings in real stone. Taking it up as a hobby over 20 years ago from a friend he now exhibits the models at shows across Scotland.

Iain sources his stone from a local quarry and once home he uses a 4 inch grinder to produce the tiny pieces that he requires for his models. The models are on the scale of 1:76 and are exquisite in their attention to detail.

Quoyloo Stone Models

Skaill Mill

Quoyloo Stone Models

The Peedie Hooses for sale £45

Having started out in a small way Iain has no idea how long each model takes to construct but  one farm he has on show was made over the spell of two winters.

Iain MacIver has a Facebook page and has model cottages for sale at £45. Currently he is exhibiting his work in Stromness Library during Shopping Week.

This is only a small selection go along and see for yourself the range of models.

Reporter Fiona Grahame

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