Funding Options for Historic Buildings

A new Scottish Community Development Grant that enables historic building regeneration projects in communities across Scotland has been launched by  the Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF).  Three year funding of up to £200,000 from Historic Environment Scotland (HES) has made this possible.

Eligible applicants could receive up to £50,000 for regeneration projects in their community, bringing benefits to local areas through the reuse of historic buildings. Approved projects will have the potential to make a significant positive social impact, offer long-term sustainable uses for historic buildings, and will be clearly and strongly community led.

Thomas Knowles, Head of Grants at HES, said,

“The new Scottish Community Development Grant offers opportunities for communities to take the lead on restoring their historic buildings and find a sustainable reuse for them as a modern community-owned asset.”

David Hunter, an AHF Trustee for Scotland, said,

“We are looking for proposals that offer long-term sustainable uses for historic buildings and help build stronger and more cohesive communities.”

Two projects in Scotland, Springburn Winter Gardens Trust and  Leith Theatre Trust  have already been giving funding of £39,500 .

To find out more about the Scottish Community Development Grant and to see if your project might be eligible for our support, contact the AHF Support Officer for Scotland, Gordon Barr, on 0300 121 0341 or by email.


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