Managing Motoring Madness

Orkney’s success at welcoming cruise liners to our islands has had a negative impact on those wishing to navigate the roads in the West Mainland. The council has had to devise a solution to the traffic problems after being inundated with complaints from the parishes of Stenness and Sandwick. It was thought the alerts on Twitter from the @cruise account would have sorted things out but this has not been enough .

one wayThe Orkney News can reveal that plans have been put to the council that from May to September starting next year that many of the roads in the West will be one way only. Rather than widening the roads or doing any such other building works the council feels that it would be far better to just have everyone go one way. In essence the Harray Loch becomes one massive roundabout.

Mrs Flett McGinty, 62, who drives the route every Wednesday and Thursday said:

“It is right intolerable when the tour buses and mobile homes are coming towards you and you cannae pull into a passing place for someone being parked up taking photies and having a flask of tea.”

“It will add 16 miles to my journey but the council people know what’s best for us.”

Community Councillor Cygnet Swanson is not happy:

“Why was this decision taken in secret? Why were the cooncil tax payers not consulted? It’s like living in a dictatorship. I shall be writing a strongly worded letter to the paper.”


Detailed council plans of one way system

The route

  • From the A965 take the B9055 which will be one way heading west.
  • Turn right at the B9056
  • B9057  round The Vetquoy Road
  • Turning right onto the A986
  • And back to the A965

If the scheme is a success the council will be looking to extend it to take in other roads across Mainland.

Reporter: Fergus Graemsay


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  1. I think it’s a VERY GOOD IDEA. The visitors can drive round and round and round and round and…………….
    It’s like some weird surrealist film.

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