Poetry Corner: Eriskay Love Lilt

On this day 23 July 1745 Prince Charles Edward Stewart, ‘The Young Pretender’, landed in Eriskay with only seven men. Charles soon managed to talk round Cameron of Lochiel to his cause and within a month had raised his standard at Glenfinnan. The last Jacobite Rising was to follow. ScotClans

Eriskay Love Lilt

Bheir me o, horo van o
Bheir me o, horo van ee
Bheir me o, o horo ho
Sad am I, without thee.

Thou’rt the music of my heart;
Harp of joy, o cruit mo chruidh;
Moon of guidance by night;
Strength and light thou’rt to me.


In the morning, when I go
To the white and shining sea,
In the calling of the seals
Thy soft calling to me.


When I’m lonely, dear white heart,
Black the night and wild the sea,
By love’s light, my foot finds
The old pathway to me.



The Corries Eriskay Love Lilt on YouTube


Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Beach on the Isle of Eriskay on the Outer Hebrides Photo: Kenny Davidson

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