Hot & Spicy at the Vets’ Breakfast

vet's breakfast

Huevos Rancheros (N Morrison)

The Monthly Orkney Veterans Breakfast Club was held on Saturday at Eats ‘n’ Treats. The chef produced a special for us in the shape of “huevos  rancheros” , a Mexican dish.

Recipes vary but green and red peppers,tomatoes, onions  and garlic are  common ingredients this mix is poured over a fried egg on a tortilla. Served with refried beans and guacamole. A very different tasty and substantial breakfast.

Numbers were down a bit this month, tis the holiday season and several apologies for absence were received.

One idea that was floated by the members was to try and identify house bound Military brothers and sisters who might like transport to attend, more of this idea nearer the time of the next breakfast.

Reporter: Nick Morrison

recipe link for huevos rancheros

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