Recording Happy Valley

Readers who have enjoyed Bernie Bell’s Orkney Walks (with Stories) Happy Valley and those who have visited there will know what a special place it is.

“There’s  a small car park, then you follow the path, down through a gate, by Edwin Harrold’s house.  Edwin Harrold moved into this house, in the late  1940’s. Happy Valley is a little vale in the hills, with a lively stream flowing through it.  The vale provides shelter , so Edwin  set about planting trees, making paths, and building walls.  He’s made a wonderful , secluded, magical little place of rushing water, peaty water-falls, pools, trees and flowers.” (B Bell)

This Saturday, 19th August, volunteers will be recording the flora and fauna found there in what is being called ” A Bio Blitz” of Happy Valley. If you would like to help you can contact  Sydney Gauld, by telephone on 01856 873166.

The data is being collated by Orkney Wildlife Information and Records Centre (OWIARC) based at the Orkney Library and Archives building. Experts will be on hand to help with identification and supervised children are also welcome.

The event this Saturday runs from  11:00am to 15:30pm.

“Happy Valley was one man’s vision of what he could, working with Nature, realise when a sheltered vale gave him the opportunity.  It’s simply a wonder-full, HAPPY , place.” ( B Bell)

Happy Valley (Bernie Bell)

Local fiddler and; wood nymph Fiona Driver (photo Graham Simpson)

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  1. “Local fiddler and wood nymph Fiona Driver” is now Fiona Hunter, having got married last month! Hurrah! She’s keeping her ‘Driver’ persona, professionally, as that’s how she’s known in the world of music and wood nymphs.

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