Sensational Sea Hames

img_01221.jpgSea Hames is the latest production from the innovative dance company Oceanallover. Inspired by Orkney’s ‘Festival of the Horse and Boys’ Ploughing Match’  and by the land’s relationship with the sea, the performance captivated the audience who turned out to see it on Thursday 17th of August at the Earl’s Palace, Kirkwall.

Oceanallover have held a workshop in Hoy and have 2 more performances 1. Scapa Flow Visitor Centre Hoy Friday 18th August 12 – 12:45 and 2. St Margaret’sHope on Saturday 19th August 1 – 1:45pm. All the performances are free and are suitable for all ages.

The Earl’s Palace was a magnificent and ideal setting for Sea Hames which used the space and the fine features of the 17th century architecture as their outdoor theatre.

The carnival inspired costumes are striking. The music and features of the performers allowed for the expression of humour  but also managed to finely balance that with images that entranced an engaged audience. The silky movements of the dancers and the powerful singing kept young and old alike in their spell.  If you can, get along to see one of the other two performances in Orkney. The company will also be performing at the Edinburgh Festival, Dalkeith and Dumfries & Galloway.

Reporters: Naomi Armet & Fiona Grahame

The Orkney News will be putting together a video of the Earl’s Palace performance and will post it as soon as it is ready.

An interview with Alex Rigg Director of Oceanallover can be viewed here.


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