oceanallover: Sea Hames and Beyond

Sea Hames

Alex Rigg in Sea Hames (photo N Armet)

Last week saw the extraordinary performances across Orkney by oceanallover of their latest production, Sea Hames.

The Orkney News was able to film the performance at the Earl’s Palace, Kirkwall.

For those of our readers out with Orkney you can catch them at Dance Base, Edinburgh Festival and at other locations throughout Scotland. Check out their website for dates and times here.

The Orkney News has videos you can watch of an interview with Director Alex Rigg and of the performance. Click on the links to access our YouTube Channel.

Interview with Alex Rigg

Sea Hames Part 1

Sea Hames Part 2

Sea Hames Part 3

Sea Hames Part 4

Sea Hames by Naomi Armet


Reporter: Fiona Grahame



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