April 2019 for Frank’s Law

Free personal care will be available to all who require it in Scotland regardless of age from April 2019. Known as Frank’s Law it is a major step forward to ensure people get the help they require.

Frank's Law

Shona Robison and Amanda Kopel (photo Scot Gov)

Former Dundee United footballer Frank Kopel died recently from the onset of early dementia. He  battled to get free personal care regardless of age , a cause that was continued by his widow Amanda.

Health Secretary in the Scottish Government, Shona Robison said:

“We will now take forward the work of extending free personal care to everyone who requires it, regardless of age. At least 9000 people will benefit from this change and we will work closely with local government and others to implement these changes so that all those who require personal care are able to access it.”

Amanda Kopel said:

“Frank was a defender and never scored many goals. But he scored the match winner against Anderlecht in the UEFA cup and, hearing the news, I now know how he felt. It was great to meet Ms Robison and hear about the plans to implement Frank’s Law and to talk to her about the difference this change will make to people’s lives.”


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