Bernie Bell: Bernie & Mike’s Road Trip – Spring 2017

Bernie Bell (small bear) and Mike go on a road trip

Another ‘mixed bag’

 Monday 1st May – Summer arrives!  Rock carvings at Cairnbaan.  Bernie promotes Orkneyjar to old chap with a hairy nose – he is staying at farm below Dunaad.

Rock Art

Photo B Bell

On to Crinan Hotel at Crinan for excellent lunch.  Explore entrance to Crinan Canal – yachts and old Clyde Puffer – ‘Duke of Normandy’, which is for sale.

The Crinan Basin

Photo B Bell

Explore Crinan Harbour in hot sunshine – much money and yachtie retirees apparent. V. lovely spot.

Then to Barnluasgan Loch and walk to Bellanoch viewpoint for stunning views of Moine Mhor and surroundings.  Watch the tide come in over Add estuary sands with pleasant couple out for the day from Sterling.

Bernies Road Trip

Photo B Bell

Then to Achnabreck for walk through the woods to rock carvings, perfectly lit in low evening sunshine.  (BB – ‘Rock’ fan heaven!)

Rock carvings

Photo B Bell

Discuss ’virtues’ of Hysterical Scotland re. idea of fencing it all off so you can’t really see the horned spiral – ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

rock carvings

Photo B Bell

Then back to chalet for pasta with tomato sauce, wine and bed.

(BB – another Grand Day Out Gromit!)

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Bernie and Mike continue their road trip.  Follow the Orkney News to keep apace with them …….

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