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Autumn trip Sooth. Start date Friday 29th Sept 2017.

Well it’s that time again folks; holiday blogs galore. We eventually got onto the Aberdeen ferry (Hrossey) fae Kirkwall at 23.00pm. This was a great achievement, as we had so much to do before getting on the Hrossey on Friday night, but when we got aboard we received a great welcome and had a gid laugh wae the barstaff.

Aberdeen ferry loupers

Photo K. Armet

We were just aboot finished wur drinks when the first o the rough seas hit the bow o the Hrossey 🌊. Well that was Helens signal tae heed straight for the overnight cabin we booked and get tae sleep as quickly as possible. It was a pretty restless night, due tae the motion of the ship but warm and comfortable at the same time.

The next morning was started wae a very loud tannoy announcement at 6am😤, that arrival at Aberdeen would be at 7am and breakfast was now being served. Just incase you had got over the shock o that one😪, they repeat it 15 mins later😠. So as we were noo awake 😫 a shower and massive full fry breakfast, that was worth every penny, stoked oor engines and off the ferry we went.

We had a few hours tae spend in Aberdeen before oor train tae Portlethen, so tae my surprise🤔Helen decided some therapeutic 🤑 shopping was needed (compulsory😉). After we finished the therapy shopping 🤗, we sat doon and watched the locals and visitors pass us by in the city centre.

Aberdeen City Centre

Photo K. Armet


Aberdeen lovers

Photo K. Armet

It was time noo tae set off for the train station and onward tae Portlethen. The train arrived at a busy platform. Unfortunately there were only 2 carriages, so standing room only for us 👫. It was a 10 mins journey to our rendezvous at Portlethen station with Helens maw n paw👪.

Portlethen Station

Photo K. Armet

We arrived about 45 mins before oor rescue party arrived tae rescue us fae the middle of nowhere.

Portlethen station

By Kenny Armet

This is a remote station but it is a very well kept and lovely station.

Portlethen staion

Photo K.Armet

Fran n Bert arrived in their car and off we went. I had been volunteered to drive for the rest of our adventures, which started at the first T junction exiting Portlethen station. I was informed by Helen (ordered 😔) to turn left (this was a 3 to 1 majority to turn right👎) so I dutifully turned left and drove towards a dead end that dropped eventually into the sea 🌊. We were in luck though, on the route to this dead end there was a lovely 19th century Inn called The Neuk.

The Neuk Inn

Photo K. Armet

The Neuk Inn

Photo K. Armet

This quaint Inn has 7 dart teams and has a substantial gin gallery. The homemade soup served was delicious and gave us sustenance for our onward journey, albeit back the way we came 😉We drove on through the outskirts of Aberdeen where there was a slight delay due to a dual carriageway and bridges being built by the Scottish Goverment, well worth the delays. We drove approx for an hour and arrived at our destination with a few wrong turns (all me fault of course? as I wuz being directed by front seat, back seat and every seat co-drivers 🙉). This lodge is an old renovated Lint Mill (Lintmill of Boyne) built and completed in 1752 by Thomas Ness.

Lintmill of Boyne

Photo K. Armet

Here is the link for all the info: Lintmill

Love this place🖒.

By Kenny Armet.


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