Raising Awareness of Gambling & Young People

gamblingFast Forward, a national youth work charity based in Edinburgh is visiting Orkney from the 28th – 30th of October to increase awareness of gambling and young people.

As part of the Pier to Pier training weekend being organised in Orkney, Fast Forward will provide interactive and informative CPD session for adult practitioners who work with young people to raise their awareness of youth gambling and problem gambling and their understanding of its consequences.

The training also explores ways in which practitioners can support young people to better understand this issue and to provide young people with initial support and/or sign-post them to specialised support services where needed.

The training session adopts a harm reduction approach  and highlights possible links between gambling and other risk-taking behaviours. Training attendees will receive a paper copy of Fast Forward’s Gambling Education Toolkit, which provides them with resources and guidelines to help them address gambling with groups of young people in a variety of educational settings.

The project shall also provide short inputs to senior classes at Stromness Academy and Kirkwall Grammar School on Monday, and to other practitioners in Kirkwall on Monday.

For more information contact: Fast Forward office  tel: 0131 554 4300   or

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