Supporting the Rights of Musicians

Local MSP Maree Todd, SNP has pledged her support to the Musician Union’s campaign to protect musician’s rights after Brexit.

Speaking in a  debate in the Scottish Parliament on this issue brought forward by SNP colleague and musician Tom Arthur MSP she  highlighted the impact Brexit will have on musicians in the Highlands and Islands, which is home to a vibrant music scene.

Maree Todd MSP MU

Maree Todd MSP supporting the rights of musicians

Afterwards she said:

“I have to say that it is very unusual for folk from the arts scene to speak with one voice, but on the subject of Brexit the feelings and concerns that have been expressed to me are pretty much unanimous. When asked if Brexit will impact on them, musicians answer with one voice: “Yes—badly.”

“I will always support musicians and performers in my constituency, and will urge the UK Government to ensure that they can continue to be able to travel easily across Europe post-Brexit for touring and performing with minimum administrative burdens”.

Organisers of the Celtic Connections Music Festival have revealed that it has been forced to dramatically scale back the number of overseas acts in its line-up because the slump in sterling has reduced its buying power so significantly.







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  1. I mentioned this to a musician I know, who sees it as possibly being of benefit to local artists, as in – if less folk are brought in from other places, that might give more scope for local artists to be used. I can see her point, but……how often do musicians, or any other kind of artists, learn and develop by connection with fellow artists from other cultures – very often. And not everyone can afford to travel to meet those fellow artists on ‘home ground’.
    This could add to the increasing limitations being set on our lives and ways of living our lives.
    Once again

    – vive la difference.

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