Name That Broch: The Answers

Thank you to all those who have contributed comments or just had a bit of a guess as to the names and location of the brochs featured. They are the most amazing structures.

Number 1 Verron

Broch Verron Bay of Skaill

Verron, Bay of Skaill, Orkney

Number 2: Broch of Burroughston 

Broch of Burroughston Shapinsay

Broch of Burroughston, Shapinsay, Orkney Photo B Bell

Number 3: Dun Carloway

Dun Carloway Isle of Lewis Broch

Dun Carloway, Isle of Lewis, Photo B Bell

Number 4: Carn Liath

Carn Liath Broch

Carn Liath, near Dunrobbin Castle photo B Bell

Number 5: Broch of Burrian 

North Ronaldsay Broch of Burrian

Broch of Burrian, North Ronaldsay, Orkney photo B Bell

Number 6: Lotte Glob’s Book Broch

Lotte Glob's Book Broch

Lotte Glob’s Book Broch, Sutherland photo B Bell

Number 7: The Cairns, South Ronaldsay

The Cairns B Bell Broch 7

The Cairns, South Ronaldsay,Orkney photo B Bell

Number 8: Knowe of Dishero,Bay of Hinderayre

The Knowe of Dishero broch

The Knowe of Dishero, Bay of Hinderayre, Orkney photo B Bell

Number 9. Clickimin Broch Shetland

Clickimin Broch Shetland

Clickimin Broch, Shetland

Number 10: Broch of Borwick

Broch of Borwick

Broch of Borwick, Near Yesnaby, Orkney

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