Poetry Corner: The White Cockade

On this day in 1688 William of Orange landed in southwest England. Protestant statesmen had invited William to come to Britain and rule in place of the Catholic James II.

William and Mary

William and Mary By Painting: Sir James Thornhill; Photo: James Brittain [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

James fled to France, and the following year William and his wife Mary (the eldest daughter of James VII & II ) were crowned as joint sovereigns. ScotClans

The White Cockade by Robert Burns

My love was born in Aberdeen,
The bonniest lad that e’er was seen;
But now he makes our hearts fu’ sad,
He’s taen the field wi’ his white cockade.

O he’s a rantin, rovin blade,
He’s a brisk and a bonny lad,
Betide what may, my heart is glad,
To see my lad wi his white cockade.

Oh leeze me on the philabeg
The hairy hough and garten’d leg;
But aye the thing that blinds my ee,
The white cockade aboun the bree.

I’ll sell my rock, I’ll sell my reel,
My rippling-kame and spinning wheel,
To buy my lad a tartan plaid,
A braidsword, dirk, and white cockade.

I’ll sell my rokelay and my tow,
My good grey mare and hawkit cow,
that every loyal Buchan lad
May tak the field wi the white cockade.

The Corries White Cockade

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  1. Queen Mary the Second was the daughter of James the Seventh and Second not Charles the First who was her grandfather ,but good to see that Burns Poem again have always enjoyed it.

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