How I see the whole LIFE, LOVE,LIGHT,GOD,REIKI etc. etc. thing……………..

By Bernie Bell

This is an analogy, not to be taken literally, obviously.

Let’s take it that LIFE is an ocean.  By LIFE, I mean everything, not just humans, or animals or plants etc, every thing.  All things vibrate, life is vibration, all things have life.  And I don’t just mean this planet or solar system, I mean everywhere, everything. LIFE. I also equate LIFE with LIGHT, LOVE, GOD, REIKI, KRISHNA, etc.  whatever any one wants to call IT.  I call it LIFE.

So, LIFE is an ocean.  A ‘hand’ dips into that ocean, and takes a handful of water.  That water is still ocean, it has all the properties of ocean, and, in fact, would like to return to ocean.

Eventually, the ‘hand’ tips the water back into ocean, where it is re-absorbed.  But now, it has some elements of the ‘hand’, some salts from the sweat, some skin., some element of the ‘hand’.

This water may then be completely re-absorbed in ocean, or may be in ocean for some time, until another ‘hand’ dips in and takes a handful of water.  That water has some of ocean, maybe some of the last ‘hand’, and now some of this ‘hand’, and so on, and so on.

For ‘hand’, read any living presence, maybe a  body, maybe a being of another kind, maybe a stone, as stones ‘live’ too.

What I’m saying is, that how I see it is, that it’s all one thing, we’re all one energy and one physicality.

All things are different manifestations or expressions of this one LIFE, even ‘dead’ matter, still has a life of its own.

We can be more aware of this, and feel more connected to all, in some places more than others.  We can do so any where, but at some places, we can feel ourselves as part of ‘ocean’ more than at others.  Those places can be any where; your living-room, a stone circle or cairn, or the Taj Mahal.  It’s all one thing and we move and have our being in it and as part of it.

Newgrange through the trees

Newgrange through the trees (B Bell)

That’s how I see it anyway.

 Here are two poems which try to express this:-

 All things have life

A building is seen as in-animate

Stone and wood

Yet stone has music in it

and wood still lives

Though cut.

Then we live in it

and breathe our life into it too.

I don’t see a building as in-animate

Do you?



You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Just because we’re not in bodies,

Doesn’t mean we’re DEAD you know;

We’re still part of LIFE.

You’re the shadow,

We’re the substance.

Spirit isn’t in the body,

The body moves in spirit.

Ghosts, indeed!


Ring of Brodgar, Orkney (F Grahame)

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  1. I read recently that if you stuck a wooden walking stick in the ground it would sprout. I sadly don’t have one to try with, but it’s certainly one I’d be interested in knowing the outcome of.

    • Not true, but a nice thought! The wood in a walking stick is dead – unless you have just cut it, of course, which may be where the story comes from. In Cuba which I visit often, the farmers cut sticks to use as fence posts (there’s no branch of Birsay Farmers there) and the majority of them sprout to form a living fence. Mind you, it’s a touch warmer there!

      • Here’s a pleasing thought……….A person sets off on a long walk, and cuts themself a branch, to use as a walking stick along their way. At the end of their trek, they stick the branch into the ground, to mark the end of their journey. This branch, being quite fresh, then sprouts and we have a tree – a reminder of their journey, and ….a tree!
        Just a pleasing thought, and something folk have probably done, many times, maybe without even thinking about the resulting tree.

  2. A piece of willow, will nearly always sprout again. Poplar does it, too. Fuschias, Escallonias. Our garden is full of the results of cut shoots, sprouting again.
    Depends on how long it’s been cut for, but they are surprisingly resilient.
    And – it’s not a good idea to use fresh wood for building, as it needs to ‘breathe’ and settle down, or it will warp.
    And – carbon dating – there you go.

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