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SgathaichWhat would a new Nintendo console be without a Mario game. Mario Odyssey is the latest adventure of the icon of all video games ( it is up there with Mickey Mouse as one of the most recognisable characters). So let’s put on our hat with eyes, and laugh at people who bought loot box filled piles of crap on their PS4s and Xbones while we play an actually good game (when the video game crash comes those companies are so going to die).

For those that somehow don’t know, Mario games are platformers, focusing on running jumping, using the environment to overcome tasks be they to get across the level all the way to beating up a dragon turtle ( then again you probably already read my other Mario reviews ).

The game plays like the 3D Mario games of old (64, Sunshine, Galaxy) in that you have several worlds and you collect an item to progress, in this case power moons. However I find in some ways it plays more like Banjo Kazooie (back when rare was good and on Nintendo consoles) in that you don’t have to start the level over to get the next moon (which is good as there are A LOT of moons). There are 2 main kinds of moons, the kind that are littered all over the play and you have to find, and the kind that you’re directed towards for the plot. When you get one of the latter something will happen in the level that will open up more of it, though as mentioned you don’t have to start the level over. Each world is quite large and has its own themes to it, but I suppose I should get to the plot to explain that.

Mario Odyssey 1

It cuts the chase right away. Bowser, in a white tuxedo and top hat, has kidnapped Peach cause he’s going to marry her. He beats Mario and has his hat shredded. Mario regains consciousness in the Cap Kingdom, populated by ghosts wearing hats. You meet Cappy, who then merges with Marios shredded hat and you go off to save the princess from Bowser and the team of rabbit wedding planners. So you’re on a journey around the world to stop Bowser’s wedding plans, but to get to them you need a ship. You find the Odyssey a top hat shaped ship, but it requires power moons to get to new worlds (or levels if you want to call each region that, or kingdoms… think they are called kingdoms). These worlds are all very diverse: a Mexican desert, lost islands, tropical resort and of course New Donk city (which is basically New York city and where the original Donkey Kong game apparently happened, complete with regular human beings that look weird next to Mario).

The main new ability Mario has is Cappy, using him you can throw your hat, creating a temporary platform, knocking back projectiles, oh and POSSESSING ENEMIES! (they call it capturing in game but it’s possession). The possession ability allows you to explore and do things in Mario games you couldn’t before and improves both the levels and boss fights immensely. There is so much to do (999 moons and each world has its own currency for goodies). By getting that world’s currency you can buy new outfits for Mario as well as souvenirs for the Odyssey.Mario Odyssey 2

The game is primarily controlled by using a joycon in each hand, using the controls as normal for the regular stuff but gaining additional abilities by using its motion controls to add to it (which led to my right arm hurting from all that hat flicking). You can play it without that, such as in the Switches hand held mode, but you don’t get the additional abilities and against some of the super hard post game stuff… I’m not sure how to beat those without the additional abilities. Oh yes this game has the standard, INSANELY HARD POST GAME MARIO CONTENT (Dark Souls, that’s for babies).

I can safely say this if you have a switch BUY THIS GAME, and if you don’t BUY A SWITCH AND THIS GAME. Also congrats on Nintendo turning its original damsel in distress Pauline into the big band singing mayor of New Donk city. Fully complete that world and don’t look it up online. There were tons of fun surprises awaiting me for not spoiling it.

Rating: spear spear spear spear spear




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